• Prevail Hangover Prevention

The Alcohol Detox Drink

The 100% Natural Liver Tonic Drink produced by experts for health conscious social drinkers.


Prevail Liver Tonic: The 100% Natural Liver Tonic Drink

For the health conscious social drinker.

Would you like to enjoy a night out with your friends without worrying about waking up hungover the morning after?

We are pleased to introduce ‘Prevail Liver Tonic’ the healthy new natural alcohol detox drink. Made from natural ingredients Prevail Liver Tonic is easy to use and proven to prevent hangovers while protecting the liver from alcohol related damage and therefore acting as an effective alcohol detox drink.

Simply empty your sachet of Prevail into a drink of water and consume before drinking alcohol.

If you suffer from particularly bad hangovers our studies have shown that consuming a second Prevail Liver Tonic drink before bed delivers the best results.

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Buy One Sachet Of Prevail And Get A Second One Free

If you’re not 100% happy with the results of Prevail, we promise to refund your money with our money back guarantee.

100% Natural
Completely Safe
Easy & Convenient

I never leave home on a Saturday night until I have had a pint of Prevail!  ..Its given me back my Sunday mornings!


I heard so many good things about it I tried it myself and it’s amazing! ….the next day I woke up feeling like I’d had an early night!


Heard about this product through a friend and was sceptical at first but Prevail actually worked and I even felt energised the morning after.


I have already ordered my next sachets after having Prevail before I went to a hen party. I was the only girl to wake up the morning after and not want a greasy fry up! I felt great. I totally recommed this product! x


Went on a big night out, wouldn’t say I felt brilliant the next day but I felt a lot better than usual.

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